ARTbytes returns! This season, we focus on the intersection between art and society; hear about our local artists’ passion for the arts, social causes such as mental health and gender stigma, as well as their outlook for the future.

Stay tuned on Thursdays!

Episode 1: Stereotypes in Dance

In this week’s episode of ARTbytes, we have invited Zaini, a girls style dance instructor! Tune in to find out his thoughts and views towards gender stereotypes in the dance scene. We will also dive into his dance journey which includes some rewards and challenges he has faced throughout the years.

Episode 2: Healing Notation

In this week’s episode of ARTbytes, we have invited Eileen Chai, a violinist who promotes well-being through instrumental music and her organisation, Chai360. Tune in as shares her mental health journey, her career shift from a gymnast to a violinist and to the individual she is today, someone "who gives through music”. Let’s put our hands together for her violin performance, “Everything is possible”!

Episode 3: reFashion

In this week’s episode of Artbytes, we introduce a talented seamstress, Karen! Karen started a small business where she makes and crafts amazing clothing and bags out of upcycled materials. In this video, we will learn more about what Karen has faced during this challenging period as well as her thoughts and views on sustainability and the environment.

Episode 4: Healing Lyrics

In our ARTbytes last episode, we have invited Yanni, a young singer-songwriter and a mental health advocate! Tune in to this week’s episode as she shares her experiences and perspectives on coping with mental health as a youth, and how music played a part in her healing process. Catch Yanni’s new EP “Transition” on streaming platforms now!


A socially engaged arts festival

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