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Articles of Verve 2021

Street Artists of Singapore

Have you ever taken or looked at photos along the streets of Singapore of those beautiful wall murals, graffiti and sketches? Ever wondered who are the ones behind those masterpieces? Well, in this article, we would be introducing you to some of them!

Our Local Bakers

Despite the pandemic causing us to be cope up at home, it also gave rise to numerous baking opportunities! Find out how are some of our local bakers taking creativity to a whole new level!

Take care of your heART with Art

From art workshops to sessions, we will be introducing you various places you can visit to take part in art activities!

6 inexpensive/free art places to go:

Find out what you can do for the days ahead with these 6 inexpensive/free art places!

Local films in Singapore

Not sure what to watch? Here are 5 local films to catch on Netflix!

Online Getai

Due to the pandemic, arts events have been greatly affected. The getai has been hit hard as well, but how are the government, organisations and community helping to battle this crisis?

Dou Yin vs Tik Tok

Ever wondered what is the difference between Tiktok and Dou Yin? Isn’t it the same thing with different servers? Well, lets find out!

Art and Self Care

Are you feeling the blues from Covid-19? Do you have no idea what to do stuck at home and feel your soul slowly withering away? Here are some ways on how you can care for yourself with art!

Revisiting Sandi Tan’s Gourmet Baby: The Singaporean’s Taste for Mediocrity

Written by Lim Jia Yi Abigail 
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A Land Imagined: Diving Deeper into the Plight of Migrant Workers

Written by Genevieve Chai Jing Xuan
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Reviewed by

Eternality Tan

Reviewed by

Franchesca Judin

The Looks of the Tunes

Written by Perlin Ong Puay Lynn
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The Relationship Between TikTok and Music

Written by Zaneta Ng
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E-books and Their Death Sentence on Paperbacks

Written by Nooraishah Karim 
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Xinyao Was Once Etched in Our Memory - Now What?

Written by Bernice Soh Wen Xin
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Reviewed by

Christy Chua

Reviewed by

Ruby Thiagarajan

An Analysis on Off Centre

Written by Ng Wan Xin
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