Open Studio!

With restrictions fluctuating, communities can’t connect like we did before. Open Studio wants to revive lost connections and grow the arts community with lighthearted yet meaningful virtual encounters!

Through our 3 mini events - Verve Artists Night, Verve Escape Room and Verve Cinema, you will get to meet and interact with active and aspiring local artists, as well as fellow arts enthusiasts.
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Verve Artists Night

Verve Artists Night is Open Studios highlight! We invite you to come to our live talk show to connect with active local artists, enjoy exciting performances and win some attractive prizes. Join us to interact with your favourite artists and learn more about their journey and the arts!

20 November 2021


Frission is a local A cappella band founded by Chase Rodrigues and consists of 4 other original members, Ong Jun Da, Yasira Hanan, Hadi Sudir and Umar Sirhan. They cover songs across many genres, mainly RnB, Soul, Pop, and Electronic Music. The name “Frission” is a pseudo marriage of two words, “Phrygian” as in the musical mode, and “Frisson”, which basically means goosebumps. The group touts unique arrangements inspired by the likes of Ariana Grande, Pentatonix, Thirdstory and Charlie Lim to name a few. Having debuted earlier this year at the Esplanade concourse, Frission is looking forward to more performances as spaces continue to open in the coming months.

11 December 2021

The Runaway Co.

The Runaway Company is a non-profit collective run by youths for youths. Here at TRC, we believe in the power of music and theatre in telling stories that often go untold. We hope that we can create a space that feels safe for youths to make art, regardless of who they are, where they come from or where they go from here.

18 December 2021

Alysha Rahmat Shah

Alysha (b. 1995) is a Singaporean visual artist with a BA(Hons) in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts. Although she is a Printmaker who specializes in the art of Lithography, she now works in collaboration with other mixed media pieces such as embroidery, experimentation with textiles and installations.

Conceptually her works center around South-East Asian myth, mythology and mysticism. She creates works and embroideries that explore themes pertinent to the supernatural realm. Expressing her affinity for metaphysical conception through her work, she allows for her audience to view this representation through her perceptions and beliefs. Hoping to eradicate the fear usually that accompanies these topics, her works are portrayed in an ethereal and occasionally comical manner

She has recently participated in exhibitions like “Between the living and the Archive”, “into softer worlds” and several other group shows.

Verve Escape Room

Verve Escape Room is a game where players will be teaming up in groups of 5 to solve puzzles and complete challenges to escape a virtual escape room. Join us for a night of mysteries and scares in our haunted museum and escape before your time runs out!

Verve Cinema

Interested in watching local films? Verve Cinema presents 2 days worth of short film screenings by filmmakers in Singapore. Let's watch these films together, interact and gain insights from filmmakers and stand the chance to win some prizes!
  • Shiokedelic Nation

    Shiokedelic Nation is the brainchild of Singaporean veteran music producer, Martin Tang. Who is the band made up of and what do they hope to achieve in this post pandemic situation?
  • Contemporary Dance, Sufri Juwahir

    Sufri Juwahir deciphers Asian contemporary face, as he weaves movements and rhythm from hiphop and other various dance forms into a tapestry that reveals his soul.
  • Woodwork Stories

    Ryan elevates his family business by helping customers craft unique stories.
  • First Vacation

    A migrant worker stays in a hotel for the first time - except it isn't a vacation for him.
  • $alary Day

    Depicts a day in the life of a migrant worker in Singapore. The film communicates the struggles and choices that migrant workers have to undertake in the phase of exhausting labour and low wages.

Director of $alary Day: Madhavan.R

Madhavan.R is a poet and director from Tamilnadu, India, and has worked as a Site Engineer in Singapore for almost 5 years. He got selected as a finalist for 3 consecutive years in the Singapore Migrant Worker Poetry Competition. Wanting to do something more meaningful, he adapts his poems to create film scripts. One of these films is $alary Day, highlighting the hardships of migrant workers while they worked and were away from their loved ones. With support from his friends, he filmed $alary Day and is planning on releasing more films in the future.
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