This year, we're introducing three programmes that can whet your appetite for the arts any day of the year. Learn something new about your favourite artform; join our community of art-lovers and enthuse about your favourite artists - supporting local isn't just a one week affair.

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ARTbytes returns! This season, we focus on the intersection between art and society; hear about our local artists’ passion for the arts, social causes such as mental health and gender stigma, as well as their outlook for the future. Stay tuned on Thursdays!
With restrictions fluctuating, communities can’t connect like we did before. Open Studio wants to revive lost connections and grow the arts community with lighthearted yet meaningful virtual encounters!
ARTicles is the gateway into the world of arts writing, journalism and criticism for tertiary students. With seasoned writers, our mentorship programme guides our aspirants on how to produce critical and engaging articles. Our repository of pieces will take you through the local arts gamut!


A socially engaged arts festival

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