Art is at home anywhere, not just in museums and galleries. Transform your spaces, objects, and perspectives with these stay-home activity guides! Explore with friends, family, even neighbors - enliven your corner of the city.

Do Disturb

A neighbourly stay-at-home art activity guide. Reconnect with your neighbours through your mailbox! Play picture telephone, collect junk mail. Learn about modern art while you're at it.


A at-home guide to reboot your boring, mundane everyday items into fun and memorable art pieces! Spend some time with your friends and family, or just have some me-time exploring your creativity within the comfort of your own home.

The 90s Remedies

A stay-at-home art and craft activity guide. Read on to find family-friendly 90s-inspired bonding activities to remedy and rejuvenise your soul! From DIY sock bunnies to scratch art, you will not be bored anytime soon. So grab your materials and start DIY-ing with VERVE!


A DIY craft activity guide that not only boosts your fashion knowledge but teaches you fun and creative ways to upcycle & Refashion your old textiles! Make trendy and one of a kind pieces in the comfort of your own home!


A simple and enjoyable activities guide for people of all ages to try out. Come discover what you can do within the walls of your house and experience new perspectives right in the familiar comforts of what it means to be a home!

A Leap In Time

Take a leap in time with our 2 main characters Barbara and Kei as they explore the past and future. Join them in simple craft activities for all to enjoy!


A 90's skateboard-magazine themed activity guide for the cool parent and children. Learn how to upcycle old clothings and also combine modern music elements with traditional dance in this limited edition magazine!

You Decide

A DIY activity guide that YOU get to decide what the outcome will be. You will get to imbue new life into old items and construct your very own exhibit!


A socially engaged arts festival

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