Blurring The
Lines Between Us

Migrant workers form one-fifth of Singapore’s population, but do we consider them part of our community? In collaboration with migrant poets Bhing and Jo Ann, follow 3 audio trails set along the lines of Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, and in your very own home. Featuring original poetry, this programme explores be/longing in an adopted city. Immerse yourself in the routes of their daily lives; blur the lines of how we inhabit and navigate our shared urban environment.

This programme is presented in partnership with Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), which advocates for migrant workers' rights and provides support to these workers.
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Click to listen to a short snippet of our audio trails!

Home, Truly?

Have you ever felt out of place in your own home? Has it Ever felt like home, truly? Join the conversation with Bhing as she tells your her experiences and memories of her home in the Phillipines and her employer's home.

Lucky Plaza

Where do you frequent in Singapore? To the domestic Fillipino workers in Singapore, it would be Lucky Plaza. Join the conversation with Jo Ann, as she shares what Lucky Plaza represents to her, and to her commmunity.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road and Foreign Domestic Workers. What comes to your mind when you see this pairing? Do you think these two go well together? Join the conversation with Bhing as she shares with you her experiences on these streets!

Click to download our visual guides to accompany you on your audio trails!

Couch Talk

Did you know that there’s a community of migrant worker artists in Singapore?

“Couch Talk” presents a QnA session with Bhing and Jo Ann, who are migrant poets in Singapore.

Come sit and chat with Bhing and Jo Ann as they share more about their inspirations and artistic journey as poets!


A socially engaged arts festival

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