Verve 2021

Our 3 programmes highlight how people of different communities experience Singapore, touching on themes of identity, safety, and belonging. Here, we experiment with new ways of seeing and connecting, remodelling the city with underrepresented stories left out of the main narrative.

To revitalize a city, perhaps it must be built on something new.
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In collaboration with migrant poets Bhing and Jo Ann, follow 3 audio trails that explores be/longing in an adopted city. Immerse yourself in the routes of their daily lives; blur the lines of how we inhabit and navigate our shared urban environment.
Singapore is a cluster of islands, gently cupped in the hands of a giving ocean. Although driven into concrete high-rises, this is a fact that can never be forgotten by the Orang Laut. From Where We Left Off explores how indigenous culture is or could be carried into our future, far past the point of departure.
Self Portrait merges photography and exhibition in a single 360° photo, exploring the self-representations of two young women as mediated by public spaces. Themes of exposure and concealment emerge from their experiments in self-identity.


A socially engaged arts festival

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